Tim Ferriss’ Sleeping Guide

 Do you work late shifts?

Do you have problems falling asleep?

Well I DO

Spending a night out with your friends on a Party Bus in Milwaukee is a great way to have fun but definitely gets old. You don’t always end up feeling too good afterwards

I began working late nights as a Limo Driver and could not fall asleep.  From one job working 3rd shift to another, I never could fall asleep.  My mind was always racing.

However,  Tim Ferris teaches us his personal evening routine to achieve optimal relaxation and sleep. He discusses about the specific ways he de-stresses before going to bed. An hour before going to bed, he prepares a decaffeinated tea for himself. He currently uses the Douglas Fir Spring Tip by Juniper Ridge. Once he has steeped it in, he puts in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of unfiltered honey. He swears by this combination as it has effectively helped him sleep better. After drinking his tea, he then proceeds to read a book.

He featured the book How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid in his video. He recommends it to everyone since it’s a fictional story which isn’t too stimulating for the mind during the evening. Then, he sets up an alarm for thirty minutes and fills up a thermos water bottle with water and ice.

The best part about using the thermos is that it can double up as a foam roller. The next step he does is getting in his personal spa room inside his house. He has a soaking tub which is not a regular jacuzzi. Instead, it’s specifically used to wash away the daily stresses of life. It’s the ultimate luxury bathroom setup if you want to ensure that you’ll be having a very relaxed sleep. He makes use of various types of Epsom and medicinal salts for his baths. Afterwards, he goes into his sauna since it helps increase his endurance. That is how Tim Ferriss creates a very calm and relaxing environment before he gets into bed. As a result, he gets the most comfortable sleep each night.